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How much can I cram into my storage unit?

As much as you want to, as long as the door will shut.

What can I put in my storage unit?

Things that aren’t illegal, flammable, explosive, toxic, or hazardous.

Can I live in my storage unit?


Can I use my storage unit as a workshop or business?


What happens if I can’t cram everything into just one storage unit?

You should get another Cram-It storage unit!

Who is Randy?

Randy is our Employee of the Month, every month. He’s just an all around great guy who helps us keep each storage unit in mint condition. You’ll know him as the guy in the yellow suspenders. He often wears a beret.

What’s the best way to contact Cram-It?

We will happily respond to emails or your telephone call! We look forward to chatting with you!